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20 Data Mining Project Topics for You to Research

20 Data Mining Project Topics for You to Research If you want to conduct a research project on data mining and are looking for facts and topics, then you’ve come to the right place. The previous guide 10 facts on data mining for an academic research project must have given you a comprehensive outlook on data mining and you can get further help by reading this guide which has 20 interesting topics. In fact, not only does this guide provide 20 topics, but also an essay on one them to make it easier for you to start your research work today. If you want the specifics on how to approach this academic genre then feel free to go to our guide. Data mining is a way to sample parts of a huge amount of data. These samples, further divided into variables, can then be used in mathematical calculations and algorithms. The algorithms make it possible to predict a pattern, which can then be utilized in thousands of applications. The purpose of data mining is to find patterns and this is the ethical line that needs to be kept in check. Here is a list of 20 topics which you can base your research project on: The Process of Anomaly Detection How is Dependency Modeling Performed? How is Representative-based Clustering Performed? Whats the need of Density-based Clustering? Association Rule Learning in Data Mining How Can Linear and Nonlinear Regression Analysis Be Made More Effective? Clustering through Graphical and Spectral Representation Why is Probabilistic Classification Necessary in Data Mining? What Are Bayesian Procedures and How Can They Be Used to Classify Unlabeled Points? Reliability of Naive Bayes Classifier Applications of Hierarchical Clustering Is Kernel Estimation a Reliable Classification Algorithm? What is a Decision Tree Classifier? Keeping Data Mining in The Constraints of Legality, Privacy and Ethics How Can Data Mining Help in The Growth of a Business? Using Data Mining Techniques to Analyze Supermarket Transaction Data Role of Subject-Based Data Mining in Reducing Terrorism Role of Data Mining in Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Electrical Equipment Using Data Mining to Perfect Expertise Finding Systems in Social Programs Role of Spatial Data Mining of Wireless Sensor Networks in Air Pollution Monitoring Our objective is to help your train of thought get a direction so you can stop procrastinating and start working on your project. You can chose a topic from the above mentioned list or you can integrate two or more and make an even more detailed research project. There is a tsunami of information available on the internet about each and every one of the above mentioned topics so research won’t be an issue. Sample Data Mining Project: Association Rule Learning in Data Mining In data mining, association rule learning is an extremely vital tool through which two previously unrelated variables can be related in a significantly large data pool. Through this method, strong rules are successfully discovered in databases. Professor Rakesh Agrawal used the concept of strong rules to establish a different set of association rules that highlighted similarities between products even in huge amounts of transaction data in supermarkets. If a log in the transaction data exists about a customer buying beer and potato chips, and if this is repeated by several other customers, we can safely establish the fact that the two products are connected. It is safe to assume that the next time a person buys beer, he or she will buy potato chips too. If a supermarket owner finds this out and puts the two products side by side, this assumption can turn into a fact, which will ultimately increase sales. This can also be used to design marketing campaigns. This mined data can help marketers put together two products in one picture to increase sales of both products. Market basket analysis is an actual study which is being implemented not only in the supermarket industry but in web usage mining, continuous production, bioinformatics and intrusion detection too. Association rule learning is slightly different from sequence mining because it doesn’t take the order of items in a transaction under consideration. Although used in many practical scenarios, association rule learning is not free of problems. One of the biggest issues with this method is that there is a significant chance of unusable or incorrect associations when an algorithm is going through massive numbers to locate items that seemed to be associated. These incorrect associations occur by chance, as the associations between the items simply come forth due to unforeseen repetitions in the data. If the number of items is in the thousands, and the algorithm is trying to find an association between two items, then statistically speaking, there are thousands and thousands of possibilities. In this case there is the concept of statistically sound associations, which is designed to help reduce the amount of error in association though a more carefully coded probability algorithm. There are some very famous algorithms designed over the years to create accurate association rules over the years. Although some famous algorithms exist such as Apriori, FP-Growth and Eclat, they can’t be expected to produce efficient results. In order to achieve specific and useful association results, one needs to go beyond the mining frequent item sets and create rules based on frequent item sets from a particular database. References Shmueli, G., Bruce, P. C., Patel, N. R. (2010). Data Mining For Business Intelligence: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in Microsoft Office Excel ® with XLMiner ®, Second Edition. John Wiley Sons. Steinbach, M., Tan, P., Kumar, V. (2005). Data mining. Harlow: Addison-Wesley. Witten, I. H., Frank, E., Hall, M. A. (2011). Data mining: Practical machine learning tools and techniques. Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. Han, J., Kamber, M., Pei, J. (2011). Data mining: Concepts and techniques concepts and techniques. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann In. Aggarwal, C. C. (2015). Data Mining: The textbook. Cham: Springer. Russell, M. A. (2013). Mining the Social Web: Data Mining from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google , GitHub, and More (2nd Edition). OReilly Media. Provost, F. (2013). Data Science for Business: What You Need to Know about Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking.

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Research with children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Research with children - Essay Example Further, I shall attempt to gauge the difficulty level in overcoming them for the researchers involved. To evaluate these obstructions; I need to first discuss my own understanding of both cultural and institutional barriers. Cultural barriers are a result of varying (not necessarily one) culture and its reflective beliefs about children. These beliefs form major ideological notions of what being a child constitutes, what behaviors are to be expected, what are to be punished, and consequently in what manner adults should handle children. These impediments arise in researches done amongst all nations, and materialize in different child-identity arrangements. Amongst the most common ones are that children are ‘innocent’ and ‘naive’. This translates to the assumption that children are not reliable sources of knowledge. Their responses are not to be taken seriously since they lack enough knowledge to make meaningful observances. Parents play a major role in these scenarios. A number of social factors shape parents notions and expectations, and these may be challenged if children are given equal opportunities as adults to participate. For this reason, ensuring child participation means ensuring parental satisfaction (Ray, et al., 2010) Institutional barriers are those barriers in which institutions such as schools and governments place limits on child participation and hence hinder the space left for researches to explore in. Unlike cultural barriers, these are harder to overcome. Since they involve a larger number of people and usually governmental policies and laws, they need to be kept in accordance with. One such example of this is the case of ‘informed consent’. Various countries deal with this separately and allot children of certain ages of legal/illegal statuses which allow them to be independent

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Why I am not a Vegan Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Why I am not a Vegan - Personal Statement Example Discussion and facts backed up by authentic research which are presented in this paper are basically meant to illuminate the reality of the claim that we humans are naturally meant to eat meat not only because our digestive systems are well suited to break down animal protein, but also because meat bags higher position on the scale of food value than plant sources. I am proud on not to be a vegan because meat fulfils my daily energy requirements better than plant foods ever can do. I find people around me, who happen to be rigid vegetarians, munching different types of snacks all day long because their energy requirements do not get fulfilled by relying on plant sources alone like tofu, soybeans, etc. and their vigor markedly recedes consequentially. In order to meet with the amount of calories required to be consumed by a person per day, vegetarians have to cook and eat some portion out of every item from a variety of plant foods at one time while people who do not hesitate in indul ging with meat consumption do not have to go through any such trouble. One meat item is more than often found equivalent to a variety of plant foods, therefore though vegetarians may claim that relying less on meat sources can save humans from many cardiovascular disease, this also remain an open reality that saying goodbye to meat means a great decline in human energy level which gets distorted as a result of consuming vegetables low in food value. People should consume meat fearlessly because even if certain diseases are found to be linked with certain cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and heart attacks, this issue can be ruled out easily by reducing the amount of meat consumed on daily basis, rather than quitting meat altogether and following fake vegetarian concepts like eating a meat burger can be anything close to an unethical act. One credible defending point which can be used by meat lovers against vegetarians is that plants would be extinguished today if all humans become vegetarians which would leave no food for cattle as well. â€Å"If we only consumed plants, all the farmland now used to raise livestock would have to be used to raise edible plants, which could mean no livestock† (Hayward). I am also not a vegan because eating vegetables alone can never provide me with the kind of stamina and power which is required to fight various infection and diseases by a normal human being. Research identifies that eating meat not only maintains the balance of sound body health, but it also helps one in combating against several infections by providing enough strength to a person. It also remains a reality that though many efforts are made by vegetarians to advance their cause of saving animals and relying on vegetables, meat forms a fuller source of food for humans than vegetables or other plant sources do. Meat does not happen to be a source of high quality protein alone but research shows that it does much more to enhance human health because â€Å"its loaded with other healthful goodies, including high levels of: iron; B vitamins like niacin and riboflavin that provide healthy skin and nerves as well as help digestion† (Opposing Views, Inc.). Slacking around with minimal energy but showing off by maintaining a slim body status does not seem to form a very excitable idea for me to cut down on meat and go for plant foods,

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Cooking oil And Fuel for car use Essay Example for Free

Cooking oil And Fuel for car use Essay It is now commonly reported in the media news and conferences on climate, environmental degradation and global warming and many of these terms are pointing to the compounded nature of the environmental problems and the need for individuals and government to arise, proffer solution and rapidly intervene. The fossil fuels are the most polluting types of fuel to the environment. This is because it is widely used and produced . F is the reaction in the combustion gas that involves carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (CO, CO2), both of which contribute a large share to the phenomenon of global warming. This phenomenon has the potential to increase the level of water in the seas, oceans and poles due to the melting of ice and thus the sinking of large areas of the continents. There are many alternatives to fossil fuels that can provide the energy necessary for human life such as solar energy and hydrogen cells. However, all of these alternatives are either still under testing or expensive and this hinders their use in the present time. Another alternative that can be used at the present time due to the fact that it is accessible to all is the biodiesel. The biodiesel is derived from edible oils used in household cooking and it is formerly regarded as unfit for human use. In restaurants where the owners spend a lot of money to individuals who help them to get rid of these oil can now heave a sigh of relieve in that they can now turn them into fuel suitable for the operation of motor vehicles, generators, motorcycles and any machine that utilizes internal combustion . The biodiesel (Biodiesel) is twice as clean as fossil diesel chemical composition has a smaller number of carbon atoms. Therefore, they produce less carbon exhaust, which is also the highest for the regular diesel, and by this, the lifespan of the machine is maintained and the biodiesel is conserved. Biodiesel is therefore safer than the regular diesel. It burns at 167  ° while the regular diesel on the other hand burns at 70  ° Celsius. The modus operandi of biodiesel Introduction The basic idea in the production of biodiesel is from used oil preferably from soybean oil. However, in the absence of soyabeans, any other type of vegetable oils can be used depending on the chemical composition. In the oil molecules, a break in the interaction is initiated by addition of alcohol in the form of methanol or ethanol with the presence of a catalytic sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide from glycerol (as output or product of interaction) along with ethyl esters (biodiesel). Methods Purification The action of this interaction in several stages and they are: 1)initial purification: Since the oil used has already been used in cooking, then it contains a residue that must be disposed of before the beginning of interaction and here a of silk oil passes through a large piece of primary filter Furthermore, it is heated by placing it on fire to refine the oil at a temperature between 60  ° -70  ° Celsius. 2) calculating the amount of the incentive: The catalytic factor is usually used in calculating the quantity of sodium hydroxide and this is one of the most important steps of the process This is because any increase or decrease in the quantity of sodium hydroxide would increase the proportion of outside interaction (Glycerol) at the expense of the required product (biodiesel). Variables/materials needed to calculate/obtain the amount of the incentive are -Methanol (these are at the centre of racing cars and can be found in stores that sell chemicals) Standard Boboli alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol 99% IPA). -A scale is needed. -A measure of the acidity of the paper known as the PH obtained in some major pharmacies. -A standard pan. -Gloves and a protective cover to the body. Calibration factor is the amount of catalytic heating oil during the fire where it is in interaction with a separate calibration of the oil as highlighted below: Storage Mix 1 gram of sodium hydroxide with 100 million litre of water to obtain a solution of sodium hydroxide. Mix 1 billion litre of oil with 10 billion litre of alcohol Boboli. Qatar and the use of sodium hydroxide solution to fall on the oil and alcohol solution, and measure the acidity of the oil solution using paper (PH) . After the addition of every billion litre of sodium hydroxide solution, we will find that acidity has increased. This process continues until it reaches pH between 9-10, then count the number of litre of Millilitres of the signed dropper, and not litre. For example, 6 million litre and grams will be converted to 0. 006 grams of sodium hydroxide per 1 million litre of oil or 6 grams per 1000 billion litres of oil. Adding this to the 6 grams with 3. 5 grams taken as constant, a total of 9. 5 grams of sodium hydroxide per litre of oil is obtained. Add the calculated amount of sodium hydroxide in methanol to that of the whole interaction, away from oil, and half the quantity of methanol quantity of oil used the result of the interaction of sodium oxide and methanol (sodium methoxide). However, be careful as this is a highly toxic chemical compound, and must be kept away from direct skin contact. It has the potential to destroy the nervous system and therefore one must take all feasible precautions in the conduct of this interaction. Confused: Sodium oxide is added to methanol (sodium methoxide) and then to the oil through the suppression of stirring and then, heating continued for an hour. Sedimentation and Sedimentation After the completion of heating, the composite is placed in the settling tank for 24 hours in which there is separation of glycerol from biodiesel based on the principle of density difference. In order words, the more the dense glycerol deposit at the bottom and the remaining part settles at the top of the diesel. After the liquidation of reservoir sediments, there is separation to glycerol and diesel, and the difference can be seen easily through the density and viscosity, and if the difference is not obvious, the use of diesel is recommended in this case. To ensure that the use of diesel favoured, the density can be measured using hydrometer which is in stores that sell chemicals . Where reading between 0. 85 -0. 90 densities were not even, then Valdes is not fit for use. It can also be mixed with biodiesel fossil diesel by 40% to 60% which is vital if the fossil machine contains many parts of rubber. In conclusion, we have thus made a lot of benefits from the use of biodiesel. For instance, we have oil we use, and also we have the price of fuel reduced, and then we are able to maintain the machine, and diminish the emission of the environment. â€Å"A diesel motor can also run on a fuel made from used and new vegetable oil called biodiesel (Microsoft Encarta, 2008) Reference El-Messidi, K (2007). Automobile Industry. Microsoft Student 2008 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2007.

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The Digital Conversion in Television Essay -- TV Digital Technology DT

The Digital Conversion in Television Introduction Television is now in the process of converting from analog to digital technology. The significance of this change is greater than the introduction of color TV in the 1960’s, but more complicated since conversion will require new equipment for all consumers. Unlike color TV, digital television (DTV) uses a new kind of signal that does not fit within the structure of the old signal. "DTV" refers to a specific standard being implemented in the United States to carry a television signal in digital form through all stages of its transmission, not just for digital equipment such as video tape recorders and satellite receivers that have already been used in conjunction with analog television. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the regulatory authority for the use of DTV. The Commission required TV stations in the top ten markets to begin broadcasting digital signals on separate channels along with their current analog signals. Stations in smaller markets are being phased in, and all commercial stations are expected to broadcast a digital signal by 2002. By 2003, all public stations are expected to go digital. The FCC will allow broadcasters to pull the plug on analog by 2006, although many people in the electronics and communications industries feel that analog TV may persist for a few years longer (Churchill). Digital television is being promoted for three distinct advantages: better picture, better sound, and more functions and flexibility. A digital picture has better color and is free from ghost images and snow. In addition, the DTV format allows for greater resolution than analog TV, a resolution high enough to be known as high definition television (HDTV). Th...,1284,14770,00.html>. Mannion, Patrick. "FCC Roadblocks COFDM Petition." Electronic Design 20 Mar. 2000: 32. Academic Search Elite GALILEO. Athens Area Technical Inst. Lib., Athens, GA. 7 May 2000 . Mannion, Patrick. "Last Digital-TV Issues Get Resolved as Industry Gears Up for Prime Time." Electronic Design 17 Apr. 2000: 85-91. Academic Search Elite GALILEO. Athens Area Technical Inst. Lib., Athens, GA. 7 May 2000 . Powell III, Adam Clayton. "Digital Doubts." Reason Apr. 2000: 13-14. Academic Search Elite GALILEO. Athens Area Technical Inst. Lib., Athens, GA. 4 May 2000 . Yang, Catherine, Neil Gross and Richard Siklos. "Digital D-Day." BusinessWeek 26 Oct. 1998. McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. 6 May 2000 .

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Two Successful Business People Who Inspire Me

Two Successful Business People Who Inspire Me Success is something that we all aspire to. We cannot feel genuinely happy for long if we felt like a failure within. The most encouraging reality about success is that it is attainable to all irrespective of who we are what we are or where we are. Success also has a different meaning for each one of us. Success being a personal realization should logically be achievable by all, but we know that this is not really so. Most of us are unable to accomplish what we really want to do or what we really work for.When we struggle for success and do not achieve it. We become frustrated and this leads us further from our goal. This is what has inspired me to study and write about this complex subject. Achieving success is right and can realize it with the ease it provides you to go about the right way, you just have to know the rules and apply them in your life. Bill Gates was born on Oct 28th, 1955 and he is an American business magnate, philanthr opist and chairman of Microsoft. The software company he founded with Paul Allen. He is consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people.During his career at Microsoft. Gates held the position of CEO and chief software architect and remains the largest individual shareholder. He has also authored or co- authored several books. Gates is one of the best- know entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. In the later stages of his career. Gates has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors, donating large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. At Harvard, he met Paul Allen, who became Gates’ close friend.They got obsessed with the computers that they were late for some of their classes. They even skipper some classes to be in the computer lab. Unfortunately, their computer time finishes after spring. However, they did not graduate in the Harvard. Allen and Gates had to leave to devote their energy full-time and thriving company. They had a belief that the personal computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop in every home. Gates and Allen began developing software for personal computers. They collaborated together to make the language BASIC in the first Microcomputer, and in 1975, they started the Microsoft Company.Warren Buffet is the world’s most successful investor and self-made billionaire. He is consistently ranked among the world’s Top 3 wealthiest people. Buffet runs and owns about 31% of Berkshire Hathway, a 136 billion investment company that has substantial stakes in Coca Cola, Wells Fargo and American Express. A 1 dollar investment in Berkshire in 1965 would bring about 5000 dollars in 2005. Since 1951, Buffet has generated an average annual return of about 31%. The average annual return of the Standard Poor’s 500 stock over that period is 11%.Warren Buffet was once asked what is the most i mportant thing he looks for when evaluating a company to invest in, without hesitation he replied â€Å"sustainable competitive advantage. † Indeed, while business valuation matters. â€Å"it is the future growth and prosperity of the company underlying a stock, not it is a current price, that is most important. A company’s prosperity in turn is driven by how powerful and enduring it is competitive advantage are. Sustainable competitive advantage and marked category leadership give a company the edge that keeps competitors at bay and reap extraordinary growth and profits.Warren Buffet seeks to identify rare companies with strong competitive advantage that has a potential to grow even stronger over time, when a company is able to achieve this, it is investors can be rewarded to decades. Obviously, we can draw the conclusion that both of buffet and Gates influence to me is far from my imagination. Beside stocks, ideas, and investment, I learn many aspects from them, the ir team spirit and their friendship with partner. I hope there will be more and more people like them, who are not only successful, but also influencing other people.

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Benefits of Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation from Scratch

Benefits of Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation from Scratch Before you start working with PowerPoint, remember that the best presentation is the one done from scratch. The purpose of any presentation is to provide genuine and authentic information which is 100 percent non-plagiarized. There’s no need to overwhelm your audience with demonstration of all the software opportunities – you just have to present your ideas in clear way. There are many PowerPoint services on the web, where you can easily order presentation and it will be ready in a short period of time without any efforts of yours. You get what you want and present it at your college/university. Aren’t you supposed to feel proud and happy? The point is that real happiness and proud can be experienced only in case if the PowerPoint presentation will be done by your own hands and intellect. Follow our simple guide and you will discover the main benefits of doing PowerPoint from scratch. You have to decide if the presentation you are working on will be of entertaining, informative, persuasive or selling nature. Define what kind of approach it is recommended to use for your audience – formal or informal. It is extremely important to use the colors and clip art in strict accordance with the objective of your PowerPoint presentation. Once you have decided to do PowerPoint presentation from scratch, you get an opportunity to create custom show by means of it! When working on your presentation, you should keep it simple. Don’t forget to cut the clutter. It is advisable to use not more than one graphic image per slide. While creating your own PowerPoint presentation from scratch, never use more than six words per bullet. Use six bullets on one page. It is highly recommended to use six word slides in one row. Note that it is important to use the same fonts and colors throughout the whole presentation. Pick up the PowerPoint images of the same style.